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Special arrangements have been proposed for the polishing of individual portions of the surface and, in particular, for the finishing of weld seams. One of these arrangements takes the form of a special contact head which acts as the cathode. It consists of a copper frame with an aperture.

The lower portion of the frame is covered with special fabric, which is clamped down upon the upper surface of the frame by means of the plate. The negative terminal of the current source is connected to the contact head by means of the contact bolt, and find all product gallery the positive terminal of the current source is connected to the work.

 A continuous supply of the polishing solution is fed through the rubber hose and the pipe to the inside of the cathode from where it flows through the specials fabric and wets the surface of the anode in use, the cathode is moved slowly over the portion of it is required to polish.


  •  Better Physical Appearance
  •  No fine directional lines from abrasive polishing
  •  Excellent light reflection and depth clarity
  •  Bright, smooth polish, the uniform luster of shaped parts
  •  Less friction and surface drag
  •  Increased production and duty cycles in process equipment.
  •  Enhanced mechanical properties
  •  Electropolishing greatly reduces fouling plugging scaling and product build-up
  •  The surface retains the true grain structure and properties of the bulk metal
  •  Fatigue strength is not reduced Electropolishing allows the true fatigue strength of a part to be accurately determined
  •  Higher fatigue strength can be promoted by particle-blasting the surface to reintroduce compressive stress without losing

Additional Services Offered by us :

1. RA ( Digital Surface roughness tester) inspection 
2. Pickling & Passivation

3. De roughing - 

Rouging is a pharmaceutical term for the rusting of stainless steel equipment. The rust comprises of oxide mixtures of iron, nickel, and chromium (the constituent metals of stainless steel). Colours vary from red, black, grey, blue or green.

Pharmaceutical Stills produce pure steam by evaporating pure water. Over time the Still gets rouged and silica forms scale at the top (hot end) of the column.

Removal is not guaranteed by the flushing process and 'overcooking' may damage the still.

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